2012 $5 Sterling Silver & Niobium Full Pink Moon

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Fourth and final coin in an exciting new Niobium series featuring the Full Moons of the Algonquin!

CoA 5357

Low mintage coin features a niobium metal insert with unique coloring that reflects the theme of the coin. Each coin has been selectively oxidized to create a one-of-a-kind finish with unmatched colour and lustre.

In North America, the First Nations tribes that comprise the Algonquin people utilized the lunar cycle as a celestial calendar to track time. April is the month of new life. Its full moon is most commonly known as Pink Moon to reflect the fact that the springtime flower phlox, is carpeting the ground with pink blooms.

This five-dollar Canadian coin is certified to have an outer ring of 92.5% sterling silver and a niobium insert at its centre. It has a diameter of 28 millimetres and a struck coin weight of 8.5 grams. Designed by Canadian artist John Mantha, the reverse image centres around a cluster of three delicate pink phlox blossoming before a full moon. The flowers and night sky feature pink colouring selectively applied to the niobium insert to enhance the springtime theme. The moon is engraved to reveal in detail its cratered lunar surface and, along with the hearts of the phlox blooms, retains the coin’s silver colouring for striking contrast and beauty.

Diameter: 28mm
Weight: 8.5g
Material: Other
Obverse: Uncrowned Portrait
Reverse: Full Moon
Finish: Proof
Quantity Produced: 7500

Weight 0.50 kg


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