2017 Legacy of the Penny Rose Gold Plating 5-Coin


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2017 Legacy of the Penny Selective Rose Gold Plating Five-Coin Set 

Own all of the designs of the penny in one set!

INCREDIBLY LOW MINTAGE: Only 3,000 coins will be made available worldwide.
99.99% PURE SILVER COINS – Total of 7 oz! Your coin set is GST/HST exempt!
SET INCLUDES TWO COIN SIZES: TWO 2-OUNCE COINS AND THREE 1-OUNCE COINS! The two coin sizes in this set reflect a historical change in the dimension of the penny. From the penny’s first issue in 1908 to the year 1920,  the diameter of the Canadian 1-cent piece was 25.4 millimeters. Beginning later in 1920, the penny’s diameter was reduced to 19.05 millimetres. Though both sizes in this set are significantly larger than the originals, the diameter of the set’s two 2-ounce coins has been enlarged to reflect the pre-1920 large penny, while the three 1-ounce coins reflect the smaller penny that was produced after 1920.
FEATURES ALL DESIGNS SINCE 1908! Celebrate the penny’s history with a commemorative set that features all of its major reverse designs since 1908.
SELECTIVE ROSE GOLD PLATING! Recalls the penny’s warm copper patina.
INCLUDES A RARELY USED COIN BLANK! Your coin set includes a 12-sided 1-ounce coin, a rarely used shape on this blank, to replicate the design of the 1982 penny.
BEAUTIFUL WOOD DISPLAY CASE! Your coin set comes packaged in beautiful wood collector’s case with black beauty box.
ORIGINAL EFFIGIES! The obverse of each coin will have their original effigies.

 Packaging: Coins are encapsulated in original Mint capsules, presented on a black removable tray in a beautiful wood collector’s case with a certificate compartment complete with COA and black outer box 

Special Features: Celebrate the penny’s history with a commemorative set that features all of its major reverse designs since 1908, selective rose gold plating, proof quality

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