2015 Canada Looney Tunes $30 2oz Pure Silver – Sylvester & Tweety


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2 oz. Fine Silver Coloured Coin – Looney Tunes™ Classic Scenes: Birds Anonymous (2015)

Appearing together in more than 40 cartoons from the classic series, Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird have created a wealth of memorable scenes as the tuxedo cat typically pays the price for his instinct-driven pursuit of the little yellow canary. Beneath Tweety’s sweet exterior lies a resourceful resilience, which begs the question: who is more tormented, the little canary or the feckless feline?

Premiering on August 10, 1957, Birds Anonymous—as featured on the coin’s reverse—is remarkable for its suspenseful opening scenes that play up contrasts between shadows and light. The story itself begins quite dramatically: in the darkness, Sylvester the Cat appears to be victorious in capturing Tweety by plucking him out of his cage. But in true Looney Tunes fashion, Sylvester is stopped in his tracks when a crimson-coloured cat appears at the window and explains that a cat’s desire to eat a bird is purely an addiction—and one that can be overcome. After attending a meeting with other bird-eating “addicts,” Sylvester sets out to overcome his cravings but a series of events will test his resolve, pushing Sylvester to the breaking point as he tries to repress his hunger for Tweety. The winner of the 1957 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject (Cartoon), Birds Anonymous has long been a favourite among the animated duo’s fans, who can’t help but feel sympathetic to the cat as he battles against his own very nature!

A wonderful collectible for those with a passion for animation and its history. Order today!


Country : Canada

Year : 2015

Face Value : $30

Metal : Silver 99.99%

Weight (g) : 62.67g

Diameter (mm) : 54mm

Finish : Coloured Proof

Mintage : 5,000 worldwide

Certificate COA : Serialized

Box : Wooden Collectible Looney Tunes Box included

Weight 0.230 kg


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